Steven Barbarich

Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and Philanthropist

How do you juggle being an entrepreneur, public speaker, author and philanthropist? Just ask Steven Barbarich, for he does it all.


Steven Barbarich


A graduate of Claremont College’s Harvey Mudd College with a degree in engineering, Steve Barbarich soon found himself disinterested in his degree of choice. Rather, he became intrigued by the invention and patenting processes and developed his own products, which he then placed in major retail venues across the nation. Afterward, Steven Barbarich wrote the book, The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents, to help others do the same. This handbook is noteworthy and really supports readers with tips, guides and practical advice on these topics. Since its publication, he has been asked to speak on the topics many times.

On the heels of that success, Barbarich founded the company AbsolutelyNew, a consumer products company that does a lot of what his book speaks of, making him a recognized leader in this industry.

Steve Barbarich Starts E-Commerce Companies with Success

Never satisfied with one or two success stories, Steven Barbarich has started e-commerce companies quickly gaining strength in the online realm. He relies on excellent customer service, outstanding sales support and his ability to work with his teams and his clients to make the customers’ dreams of owning luxury items such as hot tubs and outdoor kitchens and necessities like fireplaces and stoves come true affordably and with quality. The goods he sells are of the finest quality imaginable and Steve Barbarich stands behind every product he sells. His sites take the factory direct approach, meaning he works directly with the manufacturers, weeding out middlemen such as retailers and distributors who cause products to be marked up. This makes his prices the lowest on the internet and anywhere else. Steven Barbarich guarantees it.

Steven Barbarich Donates to Cause-Related Organizations

Another interest Steven Barbarich sustains is that of philanthropy. He thinks giving back to the community, the nation and the world is important for good karma and increased business success. In 2005, he donated to the American Red Cross and the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health and donated proceeds from sales of hot tubs to help survivors of Hurricanes Rita and Ike to assist in any way he could.

In 2009, his philanthropy continued. For example, he donated money from sales of hot tubs to the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers in San Mateo and South San Francisco to help women get free mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then he assisted in the plight of runaway teens and young adults by giving to the Covenant House, Oakland, at Christmastime. Then, the home has Project Christmas CAROL (Care about Remembering Overlooked Lives), which brings presents to the young people in the program there. Steve Barbarich believes in helping these causes as not only does California have one of the highest rates of breast cancer incidents in the nation, but also San Francisco is home to hundreds of thousands of homeless people because of its relatively mild climate and decent weather.

Steven Barbarich also loves playing soccer and can be found most weekends kicking around a ball – and thus having a ball, just as he is with all his endeavors.