Steven Barbarich

Steve Barbarich – A Good Role Model in the Small Business Industry

Steve Barbarich built his business around exceptional customer service and high quality product. As of today, his products are top rate and highly recommended by online consumers.

Steve Barbarich was born in San Francisco, CA. Graduating from Claremont Harvey Mudd College as an engineering major in 1993. He then went on to venture in the business world, where he set up several online companies. He also became an internet marketing consultant due to his notable success in creating e-commerce websites. With his internet marketing skills, he was able to help hundreds of small business owners to increase their website’s popularity and create profits.

Steve Barbarich believes that one should not stop from learning, and it is the reason why he became interested in patenting inventions. Due to his eagerness to learn, he became a recognized leader in patenting inventions in fact, he founded the Inventors Publishing and Research Company (IP&R) to assist his fellow inventors develop, improve, and introduce their inventions to the market. Steve himself was able to introduce the most innovative products available for the online community. Steve Barbarich created a book entitled “Inventions and Patents” to further help his co-inventors to achieve success in the field; this book is still sold in bookstores around the US, and online through

“Build great experiences and provide excellent customer service”, this is the quote Steve said during the meeting with his employees. He highly believes that customers should be the priority, and everyone in his company should always do their part in maintaining the trust and high quality service. Content customers play a huge role in providing his company a “word of mouth” advertisement. Steve’s repetitive customers provide, accurate, current testimonial of the highest quality used in the products he has available.

Steve was a great speaker; his words are highly motivational which creates an influx of pride in his employee’s hearts and the service they provide. Steve was also able to help other companies by inviting them into conferences and seminars, which greatly helps them learn more about the business they are venturing or the practices that they need to do in order to grow.

Aside from being a great businessman, Steve Barbarich is a philanthropist who donated huge amount of his money in several charities. In 2009, he gave a part of his website’s profits to the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers as a help to the breast cancer awareness month. He felt the need to help women in his state of San Francisco to get free mammograms services, as he knew that San Francisco got the highest rates of breast cancer in the US. He was also involved in other charities like donating to Red-Cross for Yolanda Victims and the likes. He believes that sharing is part of improving oneself, as no one would be successful without the help of others. Steve Barbarich’s life is very colorful and can be used as a motivation for personal growth, as he not only a good example of a businessman but a great role model of a kind person as well.